Texans DE J.J. Watt is Looking to Move On
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The Houston Texans are absolutely terrible.  Heading into their division matchup against the Jaguars they are tied for last in the division at 1-6. Years of poor decision making from Bill O’Brien led Houston to this point. O’Brien is finally gone and the Texans are trying to move forward.

One person not planning to move forward with them? Star defensive end J.J. Watt:

Watt has spent his entire career thus far waiting on Texans management to get the right pieces to contend for a title. They were supposed to be in position this year to challenge the Chiefs once again. Instead, they are at 1-6 and give up more yards per game than everyone except the Seahawks and Jaguars. Additionally, they are one of the three worst teams getting the defense off the field on third down. Now, Watt certainly cannot make up for all of that, but he is on pace for the worst statistical season in his career, excluding injuries. Almost halfway through his season and the man has 16 solo tackles. In his last full season, he finished with 47 and 16 sacks.

At 31 years old and with $17.5 million left on his expiring contract next year, it will take some work for the Texans to get anything of value. The money just does not make sense for most teams. His injury history and declining performance, which could certainly be because teams can give him more attention, could garner maybe a 2nd round pick? At the very least, it seems the Texans should have kept O’Brien around long enough to get rid of one more player.

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