Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
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Years ago, I got into a debate with friends over NBA players rankings and instead of the typical Jordan-vs-LeBron argument, we ended up placing them in tiers based on who would get in the first taxi/mode of transportation if they were all in the same place and the priority in getting them to the club was based upon their level of accomplishment.

Tiering is a much better way to assess value regardless of exactly how you frame it. Sure, you can debate which players are too high and too low but generally, players within the same tier have similar value, which makes sorting out value a more efficient process. Let’s try this exercise with fantasy quarterbacks based on their rest of season value.

Tier 1: Limousine

Russell WilsonPatrick Mahomes

A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned that Russell Wilson was my No. 1 fantasy QB during a recording of Desktop GM. That caught some by surprise, though no quarterback has to do more than Wilson. Mahomes can simply be efficient and get wins and while he’s still going to put up incredible numbers, Wilson is going to have more win-your-matchup weeks to go along with the weekly consistancy. Both QBs are great options, though I’m going with Wilson if I had a choice between the two.

Tier 2: Lincoln Towncar

Kyler MurrayLamar JacksonJosh Allen

Jackson looked like he was back to his MVP form against the Eagles in Week 6, though I’m not buying it. There is no reason for the Ravens to overexert him every week, instead, they’ll continue to develop him in the passing most weeks, which is not the formula for him to repeat as the No. 1 overall fantasy QB. Murray, Jackson and Allen are all great options at the position, though Murray’s constistency puts him in the front seat.

Tier 3: Uber XL

Deshaun WatsonAaron RodgersRyan Tannehill

Not putting Watson in the second tier might be a mistake, though his relatively low floor and potential to have to play games without Will Fuller (knock on wood, he’s still healthy) keeps him here. Rodgers just showed us what a bad game from him looks like, yet he doesn’t face another team with as great of a defense as the Buccaneers again. Tannehill just continues to ball out and while the touchdown rate will come down at some point, he leads a clearcut offense and he’s already past his bye week.

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Tier 4: Taxicab

Cam NewtonMatthew StaffordDrew BreesBen RoethlisbergerGardner MinshewTom BradyMatt RyanJoe BurrowJustin HerbertCarson Wentz

It’s not that these guys don’t have value, they do; it’s that there isn’t much of a difference between the No. 9 QB (Newton on my list) and No. 18 (Brees), and depending on your league size, you may find a few of these QBs sitting on your waiver wire.

Tier 5: Catch the Bus

Jared GoffTua TagovailoaDerek CarrDaniel JonesTeddy BridgewaterAndy DaltonKirk CousinsJimmy Garoppolo

These are guys where if they show up, they show up; keep your investment and expectations in check. Goff nearly made Tier 4, though with so many options is hard to envision that you can’t find better options regularly. Tagovailia slides in here, speculatively. If I didn’t have a QB in the top three tiers and didn’t have multiple Tier 4 guys to play the matchups, I’d look at Tua. He’s not certain to be on the fantasy radar after his debut in Week 8 but there’s some upside and that puts him near the top of this tier.

Tier 6: No Invite

Nick Foles  ♦ Philip RiversDrew LockBaker MayfieldSam Darnold/Joe FlaccoKyle Allen

No. Just No. If these are your options to start, you didn’t prepare at all. Look in the mirror: You can do better for your fantasy self.

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