Deshaun Watson and Clemson coach Dabo Sweeney.
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The Texans fired Bill O’Brien earlier in the week and there’s chatter that they may ultimately replace him with Deshaun Watson‘s college coach, Dabo Swinney. However, the Clemson coach sounds like he’s not fond of moving away from South Carolina.

“I have not heard from Deshaun and that is not even anything that I want to even have to think about,” Swinney said (via Matt Young of The Houston Chronicle). “You would be the one to ask that question out of all the questions. You don’t want to ask anything about Miami? Next question.”

Swinney, who has the No. 1 team in college football, not only has a great relationship with Watson, but he also is close with Jack Easterby, who is currently heading Houston’s football operations.

Romeo Crennel is the Texans interim coach and there is little optimism that he’ll keep the gig long-term. He appears to have a good relationship with Houston’s locker room, something that O’Brien was struggling with, as we passed along on Tuesday.

Heated Argument Behind Houston’s Coaching Change?

More information is trickling out, including rumors that O’Brien and J.J. Watt had a heated exchange prior to the Texans’ Week 3 contest in Pittsburgh (via John Granato of ESPN 97.5 in Houston). Watt apparently called out O’Brien for his coaching ability, which led to a team revolt.

The Texans had a 14-3 lead at the beginning of the second quarter but ultimately squander that away, losing 28-21.

“You’re not going to win football doing what we do in the fourth quarter these last two weeks, giving up all of these runs,” said Watt after the loss.

O’Brien responded by taking over play calling duties heading into Week 4, something that did not sit well with the team. Houston lost again, falling to 0-4 on the season. As our own Eddie McDonald notes, only one team in history has made the playoffs after losing their first four games: the 1992 Chargers.

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