Odell Beckham Jr.--Kirk Irwin/Getty Images
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Once again, the Cleveland Browns made headlines for reportedly looking to move Odell Beckham Jr following the week one loss to the Ravens. As everyone tried to figure out who would take on his massive contract, Adam Schefter’s sources shut the rumors down.

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What This Means

In his first season with Cleveland, OBJ had career-lows in targets, yards, touchdowns, and catch percentage (leaving out the year he missed 12 games to injury). As the Browns failed to meet expectations last year rumors mounted surrounding his status. Offseason reports had the 49ers and others as potential trade partners, though a deal never materialized.

Beckham’s contract is a potentially insurmountable obstacle in finding a trade partner. He still has 3 years left at around $14 million/year. Coming off of a down season, which team will take the cap hit? Can Odell Beckham Jr. take a potential contender over the top?

The Browns are sticking with Odell at the moment, though it remains to be seen if they can build off of their Week 2 performance against the Bengals. A division rival, sure, but not any sort of statement win. If Cleveland is not shopping him now, they very well may be sellers by the trade deadline.

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