Behind the scenes: the NFL is confident that they will play a full 2020 campaign.
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There’s skepticism about the power conferences in the NCAA playing in 2020 but there appears to be no doubt that the NFL will start and finish their season.

The league remains confident that there will be a full season, as Pro Football Talk explains. “The NFL privately has a high degree of confidence that the 2020 season will be played in full, pandemic notwithstanding,” Mike Florio wrote.

…it’s believed that, if the spread of the virus can be limited during training camp (there were zero additions to the COVID-19 list on Saturday), it will become easier not harder when the time comes to play games.

The NFL has left it up to individual teams to put together plans designed to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 disaster. Teams are taking different approaches in their efforts. The Steelers, for example, are utilizing all four locker rooms at Heinz Field as they practice in an effort to reduce risk. However, not every team is practicing in their own stadium and that has presented problems early in training camp.

Some teams are experiencing issues keeping players 6-feet apart in locker rooms, Florio hears. Players are wearing contact tracers, which alarm when someone gets within 6-feet of another person. Those alarms have been “going off regularly” Florio writes, adding that a source told him that some players are simply removing the device before entering the locker room.

It’ll be an upset if there are fans in any stadium in 2020. Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and New York (in New Jersey) are among the markets that have already ruled out the possibility. The Buccaneers and Jaguars are among the clubs that hold out hope of having fans in the stands.

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