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Dak Prescott failed to come to terms on a long-term deal with the Cowboys and will play out the year on the franchise tag. He’ll take home $31.4M to play QB this year.

“I’m a Cowboy and couldn’t be happier,” Prescott said recently. “I look forward to working along Coach [Mike] McCarthy, the staff, and my teammates to be the best team we can be in pursuit to our goal of a Super Bowl.”

If the Cowboys make the Super Bowl, there’s a good chance that Jerry Jones will give Prescott a blank check but short of that, it’s possible that Prescott slips away. He’ll be a free agent next season and franchising him again will be very costly for Dallas.

Oddsmakers initially listed four teams ahead of the Cowboys with the Chargers, Bears, Colts, and Vikings perceived as having a better shot at landing Prescott in 2021.

However, the oddsmakers then took Dallas off the board and readjusted some of the lines, placing Indianapolis square in the lead.

Washington, New England, and Carolina were among the teams to watch their odds seemingly increase.

The Colts have Phillip Rivers in house, though the majority of guarantees in his contract come in year one of his two-year pact.

The Chargers just drafted Justin Herbert with their No. 6 overall pick, though we’re seen team move on from top picks early if they get a whiff that he’s not the guy (we are not believers in Herbert here at Pro Football Action).

The Vikings have Kirk Cousins, who just signed a two-year extension. Minnesota just seems like a bad bet.

In fact, any team beside Dallas is probably either throwing money away or taking way worse odds than the actual probabilities indicate. Surely, Prescott would bet that he’ll be a Cowboy in 2021 and if that’s not the case, the quarterback himself probably doesn’t know where he would choose to go.

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