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The Denver Broncos are the first NFL team to ink a deal with a sports betting operator.

Fan Duel Sportsbook has announced a multi-year partnership with the franchise. This marks the first marketing deal between a sportsbook and NFL franchise.

“The partnership gives FanDuel access to official Broncos marks and logos to use across FanDuel’s online sports betting offering and daily fantasy sports product in Colorado. The agreement also grants FanDuel access to robust marketing assets ranging from in-stadium signage to radio, television, and digital advertising to promote its sports betting offerings directly to fans,” Fan Duel’s statement read.

NFL teams could previously do deals with casino companies or fantasy operators but not sportsbooks. The agreement is not exclusive, which means the Broncos can partner with other sportsbooks as well.

“We intentionally did not do an exclusive deal because this is an evolving space and we want to be working with a couple different partners and see how different strategies and different approaches work,” Broncos CCO Mac Freeman said (via the Denver Post).

Does This Mean Live Odds In Stadiums?

Possibly but that isn’t yet allowed under NFL Rules. The league will allow betting lounges, which presumably have to display live odds somewhere.

Other sports such as the NBA will have sports betting in stadiums. The Washington Wizards and Sacramento Kings are both expected to have sports betting lounges in their arenas in the future.

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