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In a world without many sports, we are going to get a special matchup on Sunday. “The Match: Champions for Charity” is a golf event that will raise over $10 million for COVID-19 relief and provide sports fans and bettors alike with some real-life opportunity for action.

The Las Vegas Gaming Commission is not involved in the match, meaning the rules and regulations for side bets are as relaxed as Phil Mickelson swinging a nine iron. One of the side events will be former NBA star Charles Barkley (who will also be an analyst for the match) playing a one-hole challenge for $200,000. As for the main event, let’s break it down:

Date: Sunday, May 24. | Time: 3 p.m. ET
Course: Medalist Golf Club — Hobe Sound, Florida
Pre-Match Live Stream: Bleacher Report
TV Broadcast team: Brian Anderson, Charles Barkley, Trevor Immelman, Justin Thomas, Amanda Balionis


Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson

Tiger Woods

  • Age: 44
  • World Rank: No. 11
  • Career PGA Tour wins: 82

Peyton Manning

    • Age: 44
    • Handicap: 6.4
    • Wins over Brady: 6

Phil Mickelson

  • Age: 49
  • World Rank: No. 61
  • Career PGA Tour wins: 44

Tom Brady

  • Age: 42
  • Handicap: 8.1
  • Wins over Manning: 11

Betting Odds

Provider Tiger-Peyton Phil-Brady
DraftKings -182 +155
Fan Duel -210 +160
BetMGM -223 +172
Parx -186 +160
PointsBet -182 +160
PropSwap -185 +167

Unique Format

The two sides will square off against each other for 18 holes.

Front Nine

Teams will play best ball where each team’s low score will determine which side wins the hole.

Manning and Brady will each receive three strokes on the front nine due to their handicaps (one to be used on a par-3, par-4, and par-5; the exact holes are TBD).

Back Nine

The teams will switch format on the back nine, as all four players will hit a tee shot and each team chooses one drive to play from (likely the better of the two). The teams will then alternate strokes based on who’s tee shot was selected (ex, if Brady’s tee shot if selected, then Mickelson is up for the team and they alternate until the hole is over).

In the Event of a Tie

If the two teams are tied after 18 holes, there will be a playoff. That will take place approximately 100-125 yards away from the 18th hole. They will continue to use the back nine rules (alternate shots) until a winner arises.

Quarterback Might Be The Most Important Position…On The Green

The quarterbacks will be the determining factor, Jason Sobel of the Action Network contends. While it’s assumed that Manning is the better golfer of the two, Brady is not to be underestimated.

“After speaking with a handful of PGA Tour pros who have played with each of them – including Luke Donald– I’m now led to believe that it’s the active QB who might own the better golf game,” Sobel explains.

From everything I’ve heard, Brady hits it longer than Manning and owns a better short game, all of which has me making an outright bet and several props that give the edge to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller – oh, and his partner, Phil Mickelson.

Pro golfer Ricky Barnes is among the believers in Brady’s game.

“I would say he’s more like a 4-6 [handicap] once he gets going,” said Barnes. “You know when you play with a guy and think, if they were able to put all their focus in, they could grind down and get to a 1-2 handicap? That’s him – a really athletic guy with an athletic swing. You point to a spot to hit it and he just trusts you.”

Some Props:

Will Charles Barkley get a bogey or better on his challenge hole?

Yes: +200         No: -240       (DraftKings)

Will There Be Extra Holes?

Yes: +280        No: -340      (William Hill)

While there were extra holes in the Woods-Mickelson matchup, Kyle Porter of CBS Sports believes that taking the “no” is the right betting move. Porter cites the statistical probability of the tie after 18 as well as the volatility of the two QB’s back nine in the alternate format.

First Team to go up by 1

Woods/Manning: -125         Mickelson/Brady: +105

Porter has Mickelson/Brady as the play, citing Woods propensity to take some time warming up. “It’s easy to envision Mickelson starting hot, talking buckets of trash and fading late. For whatever it’s worth, Mickelson was the first to go 1 up in their match back in November 2018,” Porter writes.

Will “Omaha” be said by any player?

Yes: +225       No: -350

Peyton’s used the word “Omaha” to change up his offense’s plays and trick defenses for years while playing in the NFL. But will he utter it on the golf course? Ryan Sura of Sports Betting Dime can envision Peyton saying it in a joking-manner, possibly to try and throw Brady off his game. Regardless, it’s one of the more fun prop bets of the day.

More to Consider:

  • There’s a rumor circulating that Mickelson has been obsessed with this matchup, Sobel relays. Mickelson was more motivated in his previous one-v-one money matchup and word is that he is playing 36 holes per day in an effort to be sharp on Sunday. There are no concrete rumors of what exactly Woods is doing to prepare or how healthy he is.

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