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The Patriots are entering the most crucial offseason in franchise history and it all hinges on where Tom Brady decides to play. Some sportsbooks are taking wagers on the QB’s decision and New England is the clear favorite, as ESPN’s David Purdum relays.

The Titans appear to be the biggest non-Patriots threat.

Odds on Where Tom Brady Will Take His First Snap Next Year

Patriots 1-2
Titans 9-2
Raiders 8-1
Chargers 8-1
49ers 12-1
Colts 14-1
Buccaneers 14-1
No snap taken 30-1
Cowboys 80-1
Bears 100-1
Dolphins 100-1
Panthers 100-1
Broncos 100-1
Lions 200-1
Rams 300-1
Falcons 300-1
Browns 500-1
Jaguars 300-1
Giants 300-1
Jets 500-1
Bills 500-1
Steelers 500-1
Redskins 500-1
Bengals 1,000-1
Vikings 1,000-1
Cardinals 1,000-1
Eagles 1,000-1
Texans 1,000-1
Saints 1,000-1
Seahawks 5,000-1
Packers 5,000-1
Ravens 5,000-1
Chiefs 10,000-1


“We’re getting bets on all these teams,” Jeff Sherman, vice president of risk management at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas, said. “We even have a few wagers on the Vikings at 1,000-1.”

The prop has gotten a ton of action, though only low limits are allowed.

“I know the first four bets were on the Titans after we put it up [on Feb. 25],” Nick Bogdanovich, director of trading for William Hill U.S., told ESPN. “No one wants to the bet the Patriots.”

Destination prop bets could rise, Purdum writes. Books had similar structures for NBA players over the past few years, including LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard.

“Ticket count’s high, volume’s high,” Bogdanovich said of the Brady prop. “We lose with the Raiders and theĀ [Indianapolis] Colts, but everyone else is good. I’d call it a very successful prop, because one, it’s got a us a ton of publicity, and two, it’s writing bets. That’s the two-team parlay in what you’re looking for in a prop.”

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