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Christian McCaffrey is probably going too high in fantasy football drafts.

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Scott Spratt of Pro Football Focus believes in McCaffrey’s talent, but envisions Carolina’s poor offensive line hindering him from living up to his lofty fantasy football draft status. He’s currently being taken in the top-20 on most major sites.

We previously took a look at the fantasy hype surrounding McCaffrey and with the team losing three offensive linemen this preseason (two presumed starters), it’s hard not to see the glaring risk associated with drafting the second-year back.

As PFF notes, McCaffrey averaged just 0.51 yards on the carries where he was contacted at or behind the line of scrimmage last season. That figure was the fifth-worst among backs who took at least 100 carries last season. C.J. Anderson, who’s now McCaffrey’s backup, averaged nearly a full yard more per attempts on such carries last season. If Anderson does more with his carries early, he’ll probably receive more of the rushing share, which puts a ceiling on McCaffrey’s production.

Factor in the threat of Anderson looking better early, the offensive lines woes and Cam Newton stealing touchdowns, and you have a player with a high risk of not to live up to his early second-round pick status.

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